About Anton

Anton Wieprecht has built up the performance marketing agency Mango Marketing over the past 3 years.

In 2020 he perfected his “Agency Operating System” with which he systematized the agency to such an extent that it could be scaled to multi-5-figure profits with just 2 hours of work per week. Without hiring new employees.

Mango Marketing From 100h to 2h Per Week, While Making More Profit

The challenge

Mango Marketing is Anton's own agency. The need for an AgencyOS came from his own struggles of constantly putting out fires, checking in with the team and giving up his free time - just to keep the busines alive.

The process

Anton has developed his AgencyOS for about a year, constantly optimizing and adjusting the automation platform. And after thousands of hours of work and consultations with other developers he had built what others might call a "magical machine".

The Results

Today, Anton works about 2 hours a week on the agency, making multiple 5-figures a month (at 80%+ profit margin) with a hyper-efficient & top-quality service delivery process.

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Learn how to build & use an AgencyOS to increase profits, scalability & reduce errors (plus instantly 2-3x team performance while removing yourself from the daily operations).

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